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Ex.: Alla individer i ett  The πps Sampling Method. 31. Point estimation. 31 CLAN97, the CNR approach, the use of auxiliary variables, cluster sampling etc.

Cluster sampling

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sampling unit is a collection, or cluster, of elements! – Elements for survey occur in groups (clusters)! • So, sampling unit is the cluster, not the element! – Aka single stage cluster sampling! – When sampling clusters by region, called area sampling!

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As a very simple example, let's say you're using the sample group of people (yellow, red, and blue heads) for your quota sample. sampling units are selected from a list within each cluster. With this first method of cluster sampling, the sampling units at the second stage are the same as elementary units (the units we plan to analyze), namely people.

Cluster sampling

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Cluster sampling

The function returns a data set with the following information: the selected clusters, the identifier of the units in the selected clusters, the final inclusion probabilities for these units (they are equal for the units included in the same cluster). Cluster Sampling: Cluster sampling is often confused with stratified sampling but both these sampling techniques are different from each other. The main difference is that with cluster sampling you have natural groups separating your population. For example, clusters like city blocks, school districts, age, sex, etc. Cluster sampling is the most efficient sampling technique and is most suitable when the individuals in the population inside the clusters do not have any diversity in them. In the cluster sampling method unlike stratified sampling, the elements of the population are selected collectively.

Cluster sampling

A random sample of these groups is then selected to represent a specific population.
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• There are more complicated types of cluster sampling such as two-stage cluster of an element as a sampling unit is not feasible. The method of cluster sampling or area sampling can be used in such situations. In cluster sampling - divide the whole population into clusters according to some well-defined rule. - Treat the clusters as sampling units. - Choose a sample of clusters according to some procedure.

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For cluster sampling, only some of the clusters are taken. In the case of single stage cluster sampling, the entire cluster is sampled. For multistage cluster sampling, random samples are selected within the chosen clusters in one or more stages. For the same sample size, while stratified sampling may reduce sampling error, cluster sampling Figure 1 shows an example of cluster sampling and figure 2 shows an example of systematic sampling. Secondary units of a primary unit of the cluster sampling are close together whereas secondary units of a primary unit of the systematic sampling separate from each other.